Pay Monthly Web Design And Hosting

Pay monthly web design is simple where you pay a web designer each month for a website he or her built for you. The normal cost of pay monthly web design is around £15 per month choosing this option is great for small businesses and start up businesses as there is no large upfront fee. Choosing the best service is another story, there’s so many different types of websites to choose from its hard to understand which is best for you. Content management systems are great for websites that get updated frequently such as online stores as news websites.

eCommerce websites basically means online store you can sell products online then people can pay you using credit or debit card sometimes even paypal.

Static blog is simple a website that i all about you blog are very popular you can create free blogs on sites like wordpress and blogger. These do not require a domain name you can create hundreds of subdomians free this is good for google adsense publishers and cpalead as the running cost are very low leaving the owner lots of profit.

Social networking sites are websites that allow the users to connect and share information and media such as pictures videos and messages and much more the biggest social network at the moment is facebook this is also a great way to attract visitors to your website most websites allow your website to connect directly to facebook using the same login details as facebook so then when a user signs up to your website you can import all the data such as pictures videos pictures and more

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